Our Background and Partners

Europass Teacher Academy Ireland is a proud member of Europass Teacher Academy, a European network of training institutes. This network includes the European Academy of Creativity in Spain, Europass Berlin and Europass SRL, among others. 

Europass Teacher Academy Ireland was co-founded in 2019 by David Baroni, founder and director of the Europass Teacher Academy network, and Dr. Robert Schwamborn, then director and trainer at Europass Academy in Dublin. Europass Academy provided ERASMUS PLUS-funded teacher training in Dublin from 2017 to 2019.  

In Ireland, Europass Teacher Academy Ireland closely cooperates with two English Language Schools, the English Language Institute with sites in Dublin and Galway, and ULearn English School Dublin. They provide English language classes, English CLIL training courses, excursions and walking tours for our international training course participants. 

What we do

We work at the forefront of education innovation. We assess the latest developments in education technology, in education research, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Based on these findings, we adapt the methods and design approaches that help educators create powerful learning experiences. 

We deliver training that’s innovative, evidence-based and inspirational, both online and on site. We also offer self-paced online training in cooperation with Europass Teacher Academy online. Our training courses are aimed at teachers, lecturers, and other educators as well as school management.   We also offer training for early-career university staff, who in future may become lecturers or take on training roles. 

We also offer consultancy services for educational projects. Europass Teacher Academy Ireland is a partner in the EU-funded project Guideline4Trainers, with the aim of improving the quality and impact of international training events. We are experienced in implementing educational programmes and coaching schools and educational organisations.We offer a free initial consultation on implementing E-learning and other educational projects. To book your free consultation or to contact us about customised training offers or group bookings, contact us now.

Our Team

Robert Schwamborn
Dr. Robert Schwamborn – Managing Director and Teacher Trainer
Michael Farrell – Teacher Trainer
Linda Brookes
Linda Brookes – Office Administrator and Social Coordinator
David Baroni – Founder of Europass Teacher Academy
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