Teacher Academy Conversation Club

This Teacher Academy Conversation Club is for the participants of the intermediate English course week of 24th July 2023 (Trainer: Patrick O’Hare)

For just €60, you’ll enjoy six weeks of guided English lessons and peer interaction.

Here’s what you can expect:
  • Improve Your English: Practice makes perfect! Keep your English skills sharp with weekly lessons led by our expert trainers.
  • Connect with Peers: Enjoy regular catch-ups with your fellow teachers from across Europe. Share experiences, exchange teaching tips and reduce the risk of professional burnout.
  • Expand Your Network: Grow your professional contacts by connecting with educators outside your local area.
  • Gain New Insights: Learn new teaching strategies and ideas from peers. Expand your understanding of education across Europe.
  • Stay Involved: Your learning doesn’t need to stop after the six weeks. Easy subscription renewal means you can continue benefiting from this enriching experience.
The Teacher Academy Conversation Club isn’t just a course; it’s a community. Join us to learn, connect, and grow.
First session date and time:  Thursday, 7th September from 7 pm (CET) is for free.
A minimum of 6 registrations by Sunday 10th September 2023 is required for this course to continue to run from Thursday 14th September onwards. Please register now and latest after the free session on Thursday

Price: 60 

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