Mindfulness and Positive Education at School

EPV-Approved Summer Course  (Sale is now closed for 2021)

  • Format: Online self-paced course with dedicated E-tutor for support
  • Duration: 10 hours online learning and 10 hours self-verified learning
  • First group: 1st to 21st July
  • Second group: 29th July to 20th August

Price: 69 

Course description

Positive Education is a new educational paradigm inspired by Positive Psychology and Mindfulness principles. Positive Psychology is about maintaining a positive approach towards life and leveraging your character strengths.  Practicing mindfulness helps to improve focus and concentration and supports general mental wellbeing.

During this course, you will perform various Mindfulness activities that can be applied inside and outside the classroom. You will practice Positive Psychology-inspired approaches that you can replicate at school.

By attending this course, you will learn how to enhance your own mental wellbeing and that of their students. You will develop personally and professionally by creating your own habits of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology activities. You will be able to evaluate how to best apply mental wellbeing, positivity and mindfulness practices at your school, in line with the SPHE curriculum and the Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice 2018-2023.

Course structure

Mindfulness and Positive Education at School is an EPV-Approved Summer Course which consists of 10 hours online learning and 10 hours self-verified learning. (See here for FAQs on EPV-Approved courses)

This EPV-Approved course is structured into 5 modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Positive Education

Learn about the benefits of happiness on health and education. Practice and reflect on positive emotions vocabulary. Rediscover what it feels like to be fully engaged in the present moment.

Module 2 – Positive Relationships

Practice and reflect on how to boost positive relationships with your students and colleagues. Form habits of positive communication and being grateful. Explore how to foster meaning and values in life and in school. Learn how to facilitate a sense of accomplishment.

Module 3 – Personal Strengths and Introduction to Mindfulness

Assess your personal strengths and discover how to foster personal character strengths in your students. Learn how to apply the NCSE continuum of support for students who need additional emotional support. Discover and reflect on when to best apply mindfulness practices at home and in school.

Module 4 – Practice Mindfulness

In this module, you will practice several Mindfulness activities related to both informal and formal practice of Mindfulness. Learn how to incorporate these practices in your school environment and private life. You will be encouraged to practice mindful breathing and other mindfulness activities related to the body.  You will also be shown sensory activities for students with special education needs.

Module 5 – Apply Mindfulness at School

Combine art with Mindfulness by performing several creative mindfulness exercises. Discover how to eat mindfully. Use the exercises and resources presented during this course to create a mindfulness programme for your school.

Course designer

Marta Mandolini

Head Teacher Trainer for Europass Teacher Academy in Barcelona

  • Master Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Florence
  • Expert in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, IEPP Positive Psychology Instituate Barcelona
  • Degree in Visual Arts & Design, LABA Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti, Florence
  • ACC Accredited Certified Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation), Coaching Fusión, Barcelona
  • Further training and specializations: Gestalt Theatre (Gestalt Institute of Florence), Art Therapy in Groups (Goldsmith College, London, UK), Mindfulness MBSR (Mindfulness Institute, Barcelona), Creativity Coaching (Creativity Coaching Association).
  • Teacher Trainer at Europass Teacher Academy since 2014

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