Pedagogical Practices for Online Teaching

Online course for teachers

  • Format: Online, live and interactive
  • Duration: 5 live lessons of 90 minutes each + 5 hours of self-study
  • Schedule: weekly sessions, over 5 weeks

Price: 160 

Course description

Besides mastering digital tools and online course design, employing the right pedagogical practices is another crucial pillar of teaching online. In an in-person classroom, it is easier to establish the sense of a safe, closed environment where direct communication is encouraged. Online, it can be a challenge to establish this feeling. Best practices of online pedagogy enable you to create a safe environment online and to communicate effectively with your students. These practices will also make it easier for you to monitor your students, boost their learning, and promote their collaboration, even when everyone is sitting at home in front of their computers.

During the course, you are encouraged to debate with your fellow teachers, share your experiences and give feedback. By the end of the course, you will be able to create a safe environment virtually and to communicate effectively online, expressing your care and deep interest for your students. You will identify and apply different types of online formative assessment, implement strategies for better collaboration among your students, and create a road map for your own growth and development as an online teacher.

Session details

Session 1: Use Social and Emotional Learning strategies

In this session, you will explore social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies that you can use online.  You will discuss how these strategies can solve common problems that students face when in a virtual environment. For the week’s challenge, you will reflect on a case scenario to find solutions to common challenges for students online.

Session 2: Communicate to connect

The way you communicate with your students online is key to establishing and nurturing healthy and productive relationships with them. You will discuss ideas as to how to make this possible and look at common obstacles and solutions. For the challenge, you will apply the strategies you learned in a case scenario.

Session 3: Assess for growth

Do we use the same assessment strategies online and face-to-face? What should we assess, when, and how? In this session, you will explore ideas on summative and formative assessment activities to guide the learning process of your students online. For the challenge, you will look at a given syllabus or learning unit to evaluate if the assessment can be improved and how.

Session 4: Boost their collaboration mojo

The session will focus on common difficulties for students and teachers alike when navigating collaboration online, a very complex but rewarding activity. You will look at various contexts and examples to connect with your own experiences and discuss effective strategies with your peers

Session 5: Take ownership of your new role

Discussing the differences between face-to-face and online teacher roles will show you practical ways to adapt to the changes implied. You will use the knowledge and skills learned in this course and your own personal experience to create a plan for your own growth and development as an online teacher.

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