Project-Based Learning: Your How-To Guide

Online course for teachers:

  • Format: Online, live and interactive
  • Duration: 5 live lessons of 75 minutes each + 5 hours of self-study
  • Schedule: weekly sessions, over 5 weeks

Price: 160 

Course description

Building a connection between classroom learning and real-world engagement is one of the key aspects of Project-Based Learning (PBL). PBL-taught courses are very engaging for students of all levels and motivate them to acquire a deeper understanding of the course topic. Through PBL, students can also practice competences and key skills like collaboration and problem-solving. 

In order to get immersed in the concept of PBL, this hands-on training course will itself be facilitated in the PBL-style. You as participant will be tasked to create a PBL unit for your students. You will be presented with authentic thought-provoking projects to inspire your own PBL project.  You will get advice and ideas on the ideation, design and implementation. At the end of the course, you will present your PBL unit and receive peer-led feedback. Throughout the course, you will reflect on best practices and challenges of implementing PBL in your classroom. 

Participants who have completed the course will be able to apply their PBL unit directly in class. They will have a clear understanding of what PBL is and which steps and tools are best for integrating PBL into their lessons. They will know how to monitor and assess students in a PBL class.

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Book this course for a group of up to 14 participants. Please select the starting date of your course. For courses with several weekly sessions, follow up dates will be booked automatically. Please note: no sessions will be scheduled for the time between Christmas and New Year.

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