The Power of Project-Based Learning

EPV-Approved Summer Course (Sale is now closed for 2021)

  • Format: Online self-paced course with dedicated E-tutor for support
  • Duration: 10 hours online learning and 10 hours self-verified learning
  • First group: 1st to 21st July
  • Second group: 29th July to 20th August

Price: 69 

Course Description

Project-Based Learning (PBL) empowers students to investigate, analyse, solve problems and  interact effectively with others. Teaching with PBL puts students on a quest to actively discover new knowledge.  When completing their PBL project tasks, students gain a sense of ownership over their learning and experience a sense of achievement. This leads to a great enjoyment of learning unparalled by other teaching approaches.

This course has been created for teachers who are new to PBL and who want to integrate this methodology into their lessons and school curriculum. PBL can be applied across any type of subject and curriculum, including Numeracy and Literacy, Wellbeing or STEM.

During this course, you will learn about the best practices of PBL and examine some examples in-depth. You will practice laying the groundwork for a successful PBL unit. You will explore how to manage ongoing projects, how to assess them and support the students’ learning. You will tap into your fellow participants’ experiences and take part in engaging discussions. You will generate ideas for your own PBL lessons and create your first PBL unit.

By the end of this course, you will have gained greater insight into PBL projects for the classroom and how to integrate PBL into your lessons. You will become more confident in teaching with PBL and how to collaborate with a team of fellow teachers to implement PBL at your school.  You will also understand the importance of PBL for national educational policies such as the National Skills Strategy 2025.

Course structure

The Power of Project-Based Learning is an EPV-Approved Summer Course which consists of 10 hours online learning and 10 hours self-verified learning. (See here for FAQs on EPV-Approved courses)

This EPV-Approved course is structured into 5 modules:

Module 1 – PBL: a vintage innovation?

Discover the beginnings of PBL and how it is applied in the 21st century. Explore the framework of Gold Standards for PBL.  Examine examples of PBL units and generate your own PBL lesson ideas.

Module 2 – PBL in action

Explore the 4 phases of PBL and how they can be adapted to different scenarios. Understand how to lay the groundwork for a successful PBL unit.  Define the learning goals for your PBL unit, create an effective driving question. Learn how to facilitate a “Need to Know” session with your students.

Module 3 – Soft skills for PBL champions

Manage the challenges of project and teamwork facilitation. You will discuss how to form teams and how to enable efficient cooperation. Apply digital technologies to distribute tasks and monitor their completion. Use Social and Emotional Learning strategies to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Module 4 – One for all, all for one: Assessment, Feedback and Reflection.

Reflect on and apply assessment methods that are suited best for PBL. Explore feedback strategies during projects, group critiques protocols and peer-to-peer feedback.  Promote ongoing and meaningful reflection practices among your students.

Module 5 – Design your own PBL unit

Apply design principles to create a first draft of your PBL unit. Templates and resourses will be provided. Use the Critical Friends Protocol to improve the designs of your PBL units. Explore options on how to get the schoolwide support for your PBL work from peers, management and the overall PBL teaching community.

Course designer

Carolina Castro

Head Teacher Trainer for Europass Teacher Academy Ireland, Expert in Project-based Learning

  • Ph.D. on Applied Linguistics at Flinders University, Australia, thesis submitted. Dissertation on the impact of Project Based Learning infused with digital technologies on the motivation of students of Spanish as a foreign language
  • M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Universidad Pablo de Olavide (2011).
  • B.A. in English Language and Literature, University of Seville (2004)
  • Awardee of the FIRPS scholarship for the whole doctoral programme in Australia, valued in 135,000 AUD
  • CEO of Connected Minds Teacher Academy, an education consultancy firm focused on the dissemination of Project Based Learning around the world
  • Experience as a Higher Education lecturer in Spanish language and education in Australia, the US and Spain, editor, translator, teacher of Spanish and English as a foreign language, educational trips organizer and spoken word performer.
  • Teacher Trainer and curriculum designer at Europass Teacher Academy since 2019


Dedicated E-tutor

Our E-tutors will support you in your learning journey and help you with any questions you may have.

Ann-Marie D’Souza

Results driven educator  with over 20 years experience working at National and International levels. Published author with proven research skills. Self-starter, capacity builder, motivator and creator of empowering environments.
Always curious about finding new, creative and innovative approaches to learning.  Ann-Marie worked in London for eight years as Human Rights Education Manager with Amnesty International, where she engaged with specialists in project based learning from settings across the globe.  She currently works at St Teresa’s Balbriggan, and has been engaged with the Erasmus+ programme, School Excellence Fund and is now working as Home School Community Liaison Teacher.

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