Stress-coping Strategies for Teachers

Online course for teachers:

  • Format: Online, live and interactive
  • Duration: 5 live lessons of 60 minutes each
  • Schedule: weekly sessions, over 5 weeks

Price: 160 

Course description

COVID 19 has completely changed the school environment you are used to. Your already challenging job has become even more so, as you deal with issues such as wearing masks, engaging students while socially distancing, and dealing with raised levels of student anxiety. But who takes care of you? A resilient teacher is in a much better position to not just face but embrace these challenges.

To enter and remain in the teaching profession takes huge reserves of resilience and in this course, you will rediscover that resilience. You will explore how strategies such as emotional management, a positive mindset, changing your internal narrative, and building compassion can rebuild resilience and render your life more manageable. Live online sessions will be collaborative and interactive, and you will also work individually using worksheets and journals at home. This will provide you with practical strategies that you can take back into school and even share with your students where appropriate.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to embrace the new ‘normal’, face your fears and anxieties, find your resilience, and get comfortable with the ongoing uncertainty.

Session details

Session 1: Exploring your Mindset

In this module, you will discuss and explore your current mindset; is it fearful and fixed? Or is it flexible? You will learn about how a positive growth mindset can contribute to your daily intention of going into class.

Session 2: Combatting your FEAR Factor

What are your fears? FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real.

In this module, you will learn that naming your fears, and using mindfulness will help you find practical strategies to deal with these fears.

Session 3: Changing your Internal Narrative

Our internal narrative is the sum of our experiences, beliefs, and values. In this module, you will reflect on the stories you tell yourselves about your daily professional life experiences and how it affects your work. You will explore strategies that will help you change this narrative, and approach usually stressful situations more calmly.

Session 4: Managing your Emotions

Emotions are powerful but temporary. In professional situations that you find challenging, emotions can be a major factor. In this module, you will explore how naming, embracing, and befriending your emotions can positively affect their outcome. You will learn about the life cycle of emotion and how it can be interrupted and managed.

Session 5: Cultivating Compassion

We’re all human, we make mistakes and hopefully we learn from them. In this module, you will discover how cultivating compassion for yourself and others can positively impact your attitude towards yourself, your colleagues, and your students. This compassion can then lead to creating warmer and more fruitful relationships.

In the last part of this lesson, you will share insights, lessons, and aspects of your Personal Mission Statement, and discover how to apply them to your role as a teacher.

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