Education Consultation and Project Evaluation

Many educational programs and projects have started with great intentions and strong funding resources, yet many don’t reach the level of impact that they hoped to achieve.

Schools and colleges are complex learning environments with different approaches, cultures, backgrounds, and interest groups. New projects and programs fail if they don’t properly integrate into this complex environment.

At Europass Teacher Academy Ireland, we are experienced in implementing educational programmes and projects and in supporting others to do the same. We have in-depth experience in working in the educational sector and learning environment.

Moreover, we keep up-to-date with the latest developments in education, neuroscience and cognitive psychology research. We can help you to implement your educational programme or project with the greatest effect.

We also evaluate existing educational programmes and training interventions for you. We locate the evidence that proves your programme’s impact.

So if you are planning a new educational programme or project, or if you need an independent evaluator for an existing intervention, book a free consultation with us.

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