EPV-Approved Courses FAQ

Who are EPV-Approved courses for?

Our EPV-Approved courses are specifically designed for Irish teachers. Each course will reference Irish school curricula and policies.

Are EPV-Approved courses for both Primary and Secondary School teachers?

Yes, course content is directed at both Primary and Secondary School teachers. Please note though that only Primary school teachers are eligible to claim Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) days. Secondary school teachers can claim Croke Park Agreement hours (subject to approval by the schools Board of Management or Prinicipal)

What are Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) days?

Primary school teachers can take EPV days off during the school year if they attend an EPV-Approved summer course. Teachers must apply in writing to their School Principal or Board of Management.  A Certificate of Completion of the summer course must be submitted in order to avail of this leave.

Will I receive a certificate after completing one of your EPV-Approved courses?


How many Extra Personal Vacation (EPV) days can I get?

1 course – 3 EPV days
2 courses – 4 EPV days

How long are your EPV-Approved courses?

Our EPV-Approved Courses are approximately three weeks in length each:
Group 1 = Thursday 1st to Wednesday 21st July
Group 2 = Thursday 29th July to Friday 20th August
EPV-Approved Courses must be completed during these dates. It is not possible to accommodate changes.

Can I finish quicker than the course dates?

Yes – all our EPV-Approved Courses are self-paced. You can decide if you want to complete the course already during the first week or take it slowly and spread the course over the three weeks.

What do I need to do to complete a course?

EPV-Approved courses consist of 5 modules. For each module, you are asked to make two contributions to the discussion forum. You will also be given an assignment at the end of each module. At the end of the course you will also complete a reflective learning assignment.

What technology do I need?

Our courses are hosted on an online learning platform that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

To access the course, a laptop or PC would be most suitable. For the course “Free Online Tools to Boost Digital Learning” it can be helpful to have a second device (e.g. phone or tablet) to experience the teacher and student view of an educational program simultaneously.

The best browser to use is Google Chrome.

Will I get support if I need it?

Of course! Our dedicated e-tutors will be in touch with all participants a week before the course starts. They will answer all your questions and help you with any technical issues.

Prior to this, you can email info@teachertraining.ie for any queries you may have.

Can I change my course dates?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change dates for EPV-Approved courses

When will I get access to the course content?

You will receive full access to the course content on the first day of the course dates you booked. The week before the course, you will receive access to our Moodle platform.

How long will I have access to the course content?

Although your course must be completed within your course dates, you will be able to access the course content until 31st December

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