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It is not difficult to set up a virtual classroom or get students to use their devices for an online activity. However, what if your school wants to move from sporadic use of online tools and platforms to a coherent and effective application of E-Learning? There is a vast choice of online learning platforms and learning management systems. Which one is the best for your school? What are the technical requirements?

Another aspect to think about are the teachers? and students? online devices. If they are using their private devices, take into account that not every program runs on every device. Also storage space and connection speed on individual devices can be an issue. If your school was to purchase devices, would tablets or notebooks be better?

Then there are other issues to consider, like prevention of cyberbullying or using technology to create a better connection with parents. We offer you a free consultation on all of these issues and questions. If you need advice on implementing E-learning at your school, contact us today.

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